Single Flavour Cupcake Boxes


These Boxes are a box of the same flavour cakes – they are great for sharing, or also perfect for someone who has a particular flavour cake that they love! Choose your toppings below, and see all the photos for the different options.

Chocolate – chocolate sponge, chocolate icing and various chocolates on top
Pink Strawberry – vanilla sponge, pink strawberry icing and various pink sweets and sprinkes on top (all vegetarian)
Vanilla – vanilla sponge with vanilla icing on top
Blue – vanilla sponge, blue icing and sweet decorations
White Chocolate – vanilla sponge, white chocolate icing and white chocolate on top
Double Chocolate – chocolate sponge and icing with various chocolate on top
Peanut Butter – vanilla sponge, with a peanut butter filling, piped in chocolate buttercream and decorated with peanut chocolate bars
Chocolate Hazelnut – vanilla sponge, with a chocolate hazelnut filling, piped in chocolate buttercream, drizzled in chocolate sauce and decorated with chocolate hazelnut bars



Our Single Flavour Cupcake Boxes come with a variety of toppings.

The Single Flavour Cupcake Boxes have the same sponge throughout the box. For boxes with a variety of sponge flavours, see our Selection Boxes here!

Please note that designs may vary depending on what we have in stock!

All cakes contain Gluten, Eggs, Milk, Soya
Some cakes contain Sulphites, Nuts and Peanuts