Naked Cakes

Our Naked Cakes are the most classic and traditional looking design. The idea is that the cake is covered in a very thin coating of buttercream, which allows the colour of the sponge to come through, meaning you get a rustic and 'unfinished' look. Twinned with flowers and decorations, these cakes always look fab!

We usually decorate our naked cakes with silk flowers, but we have also put chocolates and other toppers on them too. They often look best with a large sparkly topper coming out the top with a message - these can be purchased online or from us. Alternatively we can add a name, age or message on the cake board.

Due to the fact that there is not much icing on the cake, these designs are great for someone who doesn't like fondant, or doesn't want their cake to be too sweet! Traditionally they are only done in vanilla, but we can do them in chocolate if you like - it just won't have quite the same effect.