Photo Cakes

Our photo cakes are such a great way of making your cake as personalised as you like! From your favourite TV star, to celebrities, logos and even your own photos.. the possibilities for a photo cake are endless. The cake itself can be vanilla or chocolate flavour, and is covered in a layer of buttercream icing, in the colour of your choice. This is then decorated with edible images, printed using our specialist printer and edible inks, on to a very thin fondant sheet - the print outs are mounted on to fondant to keep the image from running. You can either have an image covering the top of the cake, the sides, or we can cut out shapes and stick them on. We can add a message on the board - normally we ask for an age and name.  See our examples below to get inspired - please note some of these are covered in fondant, which we do not offer as an option anymore, so would be covered in buttercream instead.