What’s the best way to order from you?
The best way to order is through our ‘shop’ on the website. But you are also free to email, text, call or Facebook message us.

Where do I collect my cake from?
You will need to collect your cake from our GlamoRose HQ in old town – SN1 3EP. We are opposite the Lawns gates. You can either park in the co op, or pull up outside in the taxi rank for a few minutes to load.

How quickly can you make me a large order of cupcakes?
We can make a large order of cupcakes with very little notice, as we are baking these daily. Please give us a call in this instance, to make sure we get the message, as we don’t always pick up emails when we are in the shop.

How long in advance do you need to order a birthday cake?
We usually need about a week, but if you are really stuck at short notice please give us a call and we will do our best to help or come up with an alternative!

If i order a birthday cake, how long will it last?
We say most larger cakes will last 3-4 days, but if you need it to last longer than this then please let us know in advance.

Does my cake need to be kept in the fridge?
No it doesn’t! The cakes are best left at room temperature. The buttercream will be fine at this temp, and the cakes tend to go more stale when left in the fridge.

How do I store my cake?
If you have cupcakes then you can just leave them covered in the box. A larger cake will be fine in its box before cutting, but if the sponge is exposed to the air then it’s best for it to be wrapped tightly in cling film.

Do your cupcakes contain nuts?
Some of our cupcakes do – typically coffee and walnut, reeses pieces, snickers and Ferrero rocher. But please tell us if you have any allergies. We can not guarantee there are no traces of nuts or peanuts in any of our products.

Do you make vegan cakes?
Yes we do! The vegan cakes only come as chocolate flavour, and are made with soya products instead of dairy. They are £2 each – we normally ask for a minimum order of 12 cakes, but please call us if you only need a few as we sometimes have a couple spare from another order!

What about gluten free?
We can make you cakes with gluten free flour, but can’t unfortunately offer any of our products as completely gluten free. We do our best to clean the shop and equipment to a high standard before beginning baking, but as we use so much flour every day, we are not legally allowed to call them ‘gluten free’.