Corona Virus Update

To all my lovely, loyal customers.. to say we have a difficult week is an understatement - but I’m sure all of you are feeling the same. We just wanted to outline where we are with the virus, so you all feel safe that you can still order from us, and our cakes can still be part of your lives even if we are in lock down!!

Firstly we want you to know that we are following all the governments advice about staying safe, and are cleaning the shop 3x as often. We have researched what kills the virus on surfaces, to limit contamination - and are taking every measure to keep any member of staff who coughs away from the shop! If you could all do the same and only pop in to us if you’re feeling well, this will help tremendously.

Secondly we have come in this week to (understandably) lots of cancelled orders. If you choose to cancel your order, you DO NOT lose your money, we will keep a note of your name and anything you have paid, and this will go towards your next order, so please don’t panic!!

And lastly, due to the above, we have decided to have the shop open for fewer hours to keep ourselves safe. So we will now be opening:

Thursday and Friday - 10am until 2pm

Saturday - 10am until 4pm

This will be until further notice. If you have cakes booked in to be collected on a different day - we will contact you to arrange a time to meet you at the shop so you can collect your order.

We have just set up a home delivery scheme which will save people from leaving their homes - see our products you can order online here. These will be delivered on a 'no contact' basis, to reduce the chance of anything spreading. If you would like something else to be delivered than just cupcakes, please give us a call on 07716836552 and we will arrange this for you.

We hope you all stay as safe as you can in these crazy times, and stick together. Reach out if you are struggling, and support friends and family - even if it’s over the phone! We are sending lots of pink fluffy sparkly love to everyone, and cross our fingers and toes this will be over soon 💖🌸🌈🧁

Sending all our best wishes,
Keep safe, we got this 👊🏻
The GlamoRose Team xx